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"I'm going to give you $10 worth of FREE dry cleaning just so you'll give my pick up and delivery service a try. Why? So the risk is on me - not you! What have you got to lose? Nothing!"
"Mt. Vernon dry cleaner offers FREE pick-Up, FREE delivery, and $10 worth of FREE dry cleaning to give her service a try!"

"Why not? - Hundreds of your Mt. Vernon neighbors are!"
Hello Neighbor,

You should be having your dry cleaning picked up and delivered. It's crazy if you're not. It doesn't cost any more considering the time and gas money you will save because we are doing that for you for free!

Does this sound familiar?
It's a rainy Monday morning and you're on your way to work. You
usually stop by the dry cleaners. You're drinking some coffee and
talking on your cell phone and you drive right by. You're running late,
so you don't turn around. You make a mental note to go there tonight
on your way home. You forget again and finally make it there tomorrow.
It'll be ready Thursday. You leave work late to get to the dry cleaner
before it closes. You don't make it.

Hi, my name is Debbie Gault and my husband Jim and I run Gault Cleaners. Let me pick-up and deliver your dry cleaning for you and help simplify your life. You don't need the hassle of doing something that I can do for you- and on top of that, it doesn't cost any more.

Why not let me show you the luxury (without 
the cost) of dry cleaning pick-up and delivery?

Put out your dry cleaning this Monday in one of our red bags and miraculously it shows up on Thursday or you put it out with a note saying "next day" and it shows up on Tuesday. Or you forget to put it out, or you just got back from a vacation or a business trip- you call us and we'll pick it up and it shows up the next day. Now that's dry cleaning nirvana, isn't it?

Besides dry cleaning and laundering your shirts, we clean comforters, tablecloths, linens, blankets, drapes, suede, leather, and most anything you can think of.

No start-up fee. Try with no obligation.   $10 worth of FREE dry cleaning.

Stop driving yourself crazy. You don't have to go pick up your dry cleaning anymore. I can do that for you. You don't have to be a millionaire to have this service. You just have to have about $30 or more of dry cleaning a month. And on top of all of this, we are very easy and friendly to do business with. Call me at (740)393-2831 with your questions.

Your Neighborhood Dry Cleaner,

Debbie Gault
Gault's Plaza Cleaners

P.S.  Remember, it doesn't cost any more to have us pick up and deliver your dry cleaning. Plus you'll get $10 of FREE dry cleaning, a FREE bag, FREE pick-up, FREE delivery, and we say please and thank you with a smile.